Monday, December 26, 2005

Merry Christmas

We stayed up last night and got dd's gifts Santa out and wrapped. Dh played his golf game and I think he beat it today YAY...I am all golfed out he has been playing it on and off all week but alot more the past 2 days. We headed to bed and I slept for a couple hrs then I got up at about 2:30 am and I couldn't get back to sleep so I jumped online and watched some tv...waiting for my family to get online then I talked to them...I finally fell back asleep at 5:30. DD work up at 7 early for her. DH heard her also and he got up the first thing she did was check out the cookie plate and the cup of milk. It took her a while to wake up then she started playing with her toys that we had layed out for her.

We waited on our family back home to jump online so they could watch the web cam. It took dd forever to get all of ther presents open there was sooo much it was really crazy. She has so much to play with she was entertained all day..fell alseep at 9 and didn't have a nap. We were on the web cam basically all day so family could watch what was going on at all times. Thank goodness for the internet. It make it nice that family can kinda feel like they are a part of it all.

We all had a great christmas. Our presents got delivered today to my our folks back home...thanks USPS for delvering on christmas!! Our family was shocked to see them show up on Christmas.

DD got (lets see if I can remember it all)

Simon Says Sit N Spin
Crayola Bubble Machine
Cinderella Dress up clothes...cinderella and bride outfit with accessories purse, earrings, shoes, ring, necklace
Fairy doll, similar to a barbie she glows in the dark
Hungry Hippos
Personalized items...toothbrush, zipper pulls, pencils
Remote control dog that walks and barks
Baby doll that drinks, cries with a diaper bag and changes of clothes
Baby doll crib
2 movies
papsan chair (sp?)
Character sippy cups & one that looks like an ice cream cone
fridge phonics ABC & 123
Singing cheerleader...I LOVE this toy, its so cute.
DH got a race track and its operational by two people they are sharing that haha, dd loves it.
Art spinner for the bath tub

It's time to recycle out toys and donate her older toys that she doesn't play with.

I got

$100 spending cash
$50 gift certificate for old navy
Stock in go buy hersheys products
$100 gift card for Cinnamon Girl one of my favorite stores on the island
Decor items for the house

DD got

$100 spending cash
Liquior dispensor
MP3 player
DVD Case
$100 gift card

Baby Girl got

A gorgeous dress, it will be her homecoming dress.
Room decor
plush animals
baby accessories

The family got $150 spending cash...thats going to the kiddos savings accts.

Lots of Christmas cards!!

I know I am prolly leaving out something so please don't be upset if u are reading this and it isn't listed.

We love yall and we had a Very Merry Christmas. I will post up some pictures soon. Goodnight!!!

Hugs and Kisses!!!