Thursday, December 29, 2005

DD still thinks Santa is coming to town. She keeps saying it. We got boxes in the mail yesterday...we opened the boxes up and she up the presents under the tree. She is gonna be one sad little girl when the tree and the lights come down. She got money, clothes, books, & toy cd player, cinderella & snow white doll, a container of sprinkles she is a sprinkle girl got some outfits that are really cute. I am glad next yr we won't be in Hawaii...the money in shipping alone is outrageous. Of course no one will listen to me when I tell them she has enough stuff and they don't need to spend the extra money to ship stuff here!!

DH is waiting on a school date...we were hoping to know something today but that didn't happen. "Hurry up and wait" gotta love the military. I doubt we will hear anything until they go back a regular work schedule and the folks on leave go back to work.

I am more uncomfortable in this pregnancy than with dd. I don't know how I feel about a long flight back home it almost makes me just wanna stay here and deliver. A 12 hr flight is just screaming backache, drinking tons of water to stay hydrated which calls for potty breaks I don't even like using public restrooms let alone on a plane. I'll suck it up and do it if thats what we gotta do but I don't think it will be fun. Then again it might be worth it in the end to be home.

I had an appt yesterday then went shopping while I was already out. I went for sales, last yr we got bargains this yr all the sucky stuff is left. I did get some stuff tho...ornaments & animated rudolph and santa dd loves it and I only paid $7 when it was $20. She wanted to play with it everytime we went to walmart but I didn't wanna play full price, glad I waited. I came home hung out with dd & dh, I thought he beat the golf game haha, I was wrong. We went out for more shopping and spent more money than I wanted too but we found decor that I couldn't pass up. The dining room is all done with decor only spend $40 to finish it up which I guess isn't bad. I always spend more money when dh shops with me than if I were doing it myself...I would think twice on it he is like just buy it. I just need a print framed which I don't wanna fork out the money Ill wait and wait until I breakdown and do it.

Now I just wanna hit the swap meet a couple more times before we leave and get all the goodies I have been eyeballing since I have been here. U can't live in Hawaii and not have stuff to show for it.

Gotta go clean again from the tornado we created yesterday.