Thursday, December 22, 2005

Big girl

I am soo proud of my lil marks day 3 in big girl panties and no accidents!! She is in pull ups at night...some days she is dry and some not so we just gotta work on that. There is an end to diapers...I hope she stays on track.

I have a sweet tooth doesn't help that the junk food is just sitting out in the open. We got more christmas cards yesterday. No packages, blah I hope its here today. I was given the 22nd as the latest I would get it so if not, I guess I will call and check on it. As long as its here before Christmas. My FIL called to let us know we needed to stick around tomorrow for there package to arrive. The christmas tree is gonna be surrounded by presents before Santa even gets here. Thankfully, dd hasn't wanted to open any...she just takes them outta the box and puts them under the tree.

My parents are driving back down to GA tonight, there first time back since they moved. I am sure my mom is gonna be happy to see her house again. I hope they have a safe trip and the crazy drivers stay off the road. My dad got his christmas present early from me I hope he enjoys it on his drive.

Enough for now