Monday, December 12, 2005

It's Monday

Saturday....the mailman dropped off packages before 8am...they must be super busy
....munchkin had stomach issues...I donno if it was motion sickness or just being sick. Prolly a little of both. She threw up 3 times. In the car the first time, in my lap the next & she finally made it to the trash can the 3rd time. We were able to make it to get pictures done. By the evening she was fine...we went to a friends house for dinner and to BS around. Dinner was yummy and so was dessert...which I came home with hahah, pregnant people hehe.

Sunday...I wrapped presents. Talk about a backache. I finished wrapping all the families gifts up...I have two rolls of wrapping paper left. I might need to pick up more. I did some grocery shopping. Cleaned the heck outta the living room....removed the fabric from the couch and washed it..rotated the cushions. I had the cushions off and washed and put back on by 10AM, I was on a roll let me tell ya. Vaccumed the house. It was a quiet day.

I hope today is a good day...I don't know why on earth I can't sleep in anymore..but 5am getting up is for the birds really. I need to get the goodie bags for the guys done this week....there work schedule after this week is crazy. Crazy in a good way tho....lots of time off...thank goodness we didn't take any leave time...which would have been stupid anyway if we weren't leaving the island. If I don't get them done this week and get him to hand them out they might not get them until after the new yr....they wouldn't last that long in this house, cuz dh would eat it all.

BBL its still early!!!