Saturday, December 10, 2005


Have u ever been so pist off that u could spit bullets??

It's gonna be a busy weekend....tomorrow is gonna be anyway. Maybe Sunday will be a quiet day. Monday better be a good day too otherwise I will just crawl in a hole and hibernate.

I finally started wrapping family christmas gifts...I think I wrapped like 10 up so far and I had to take a break. Maybe I can finish them up along with the cards and get it all mailed out early next week so it might get to everyone in time. I still need to finish up the guys why are they such a pain in the arse to buy for?

I just need to finish up dd's shopping too and get one or two more things for dh.

I have taken medicine for the past 3 nights I think I am almost over the crap I had. Dh is getting it now. It's been a long time since any of us have been sick. Last time I remember dd or me being sick was over a yr ago....when I had strep and she had that ear infection going on when she got the tubes put in.

Going to join dd in watching Charlie Brown then its bed time!!