Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Well, good news from my drs appt yesterday.

I am 24 weeks and this is my second full ultrasound..they rechecked the area that was in question from the first ultrasound and they couldn't find anything. Two ultrasound techs looked and then the physican came in to look...she didn't see anything either which is a great. The dr asked me to come back in 10 weeks for another ultrasound, sure why not...it makes me feel good that they are being cautious. Making sure before delivery that everything is completely A-ok is better than delivering and not being prepard if something is wrong. We got 4 more pictures, they two of them are pretty good a profile and a face picture. They looked at the sex again, its a girl as previously told. DD & DH were there also, she was saying see the baby...baby sister, eyes, nose, mouth, fingers it was rather cute. She is growing really good and is already 1lb 9 ozs.

From there we went to have lunch and shopped. I wish dh was more of a shopper. We are definately two different people when it comes to shopping. He likes to go in an get what he wants and leave. I like look around take my time..I don't even have to buy anything. DH did good yesterday tho because it involved toys and electronics. Toys R Us has the big book out...we went to pick up a catalog and look around. I tried to get more ideas for munchkin and I did. Most of the stuff that I have on her list is cheaper at Walmart.

I bought new sheets from QVC, dh doesn't know yet I am hoping to get them and throw them on the bed before he gets home one day and see if he even notices when he goes to bed. I think he will..if not I will be suprised. I hope the mailman brings them soon.

Todays agenda is to clean and work on a putting a photo book together.