Monday, November 14, 2005


My lil cutie pie!! I love my baby sooo much!!

Good news on our computer..hubby got it fixed and the best thing is, we didn't have to pay anyone to do it..more spending money. I got all the pics off and the other goodies we wanted and restored it we are back to it feeling like a brand new computer!! YAY..I learned my lesson thats for sure. I just need to hook the network back up and we will be back in service.

I am gonna try out the printing services at Sams. All of our pics are on disks...we need them in I am gonna dedicate time to going one by one getting all our favorites and putting them in an album..I need to price the printed books and see how pricey it is but I am sure it will be worth it. Great gift idea for the families.

Do u know how much time I have spent looking for good christmas gifts for munchkin? U really don't wanna know. This is gonna be our first REAL Christmas with just our lil family. The first yr we were in the moving process to Hawaii, second year dh was getting ready for deployment & we flew outta hawaii the day after, and the third we kept it simple I had another family staying with us until they could get housing, dh was getting ready to come back to the this is it yr #4 just us three!!

It's gonna be soo much fun I can't wait.

I have an Ultrasound in the AM...I am hoping that everything looks fine and to get more pics of our mini munchkin.