Saturday, November 26, 2005

Time flies when u are having fun

I haven't made time to write its been awhile.

The lil' baby is doing good just having hiccups like crazy...and moving lots.

DD & DH are good as well....same ol with them...have u ever heard a 2 yr old say ridiculous or delicious..well munckin does and its so cute. Today, she said Nutcracker..where did she get that from I guess a commercial on tv. We have been telling her about Santa, Christmas, Snowman etc...she goes crazy in the stores at all the Christmas stuff its really cute. Christmas morning will be a BLAST.

Anyway, yesterday was was a nice day. I cooked a Turkey w/gravy & Smoked a Ham (dh did that on the smoker) Sweet Potatoes, Mashed Potatoes (both to keep since everyone doesn't like sweet potatos) Corn, Stuffing, Rolls, Pumpkin guests brought Mac & Cheese, Fruit Salad, oh I can't remember the name of it but its similiar to dirt cake but it had brownies, strawberries and heath in it along with all the other was yummy. Everything was really good and we had leftovers of course. Can't have Thanksgiving without left overs.

Today we got up and went shopping....dh & dd went the stores were crazy but it wasn't as terrible as I expected it to be. I am gonna hit the stores tomorrow and Sunday also for sale items.

We put up the tree and decorated the outside, almost finished. The tree isn't the orginial tree that I wanted but its cute so far. This trees has big plans for next yr. It was a pre-lit tree and had color lights on it and I really don't care for colored light or anything that blinks so dh took off the lights and re strung it with the was a task. It was FREE so how can u complain. He hung the lights outside in the front and back. Handmade hooks so my garland and pinecones would hang from the entertainment center it looks WAY cute. I love it!! My village is up too.

So I decorated the tree last still not finished, I am keeping it simple. Glass balls, silver gold & burgandy..and craft smore snowmen that are freaking cute!! One is complete, the rest just need scarfs and strings to hang by and they will be done. After tomorrow's shopping trip I need to find a home for the rest of the stuff that I didn't get put up tonight...I hate it looking messy..crap laying all over the place.

Good Night!!