Friday, October 28, 2005

lets back up

to the beginning of the mth. Altho I won't be able to remember everything haha here it goes

Our family flew in after a long flight from our hometown at least they didn't drive to Atlanta. They got here at 7pm Hawaii time. We pick them up at the airport well...met up with them they went to pick up the rental car but I took my MIL with me and Shelby. We meet back up with my FIL and dh. Get them checked in to the Hale Koa, I love that place. All of our family that has come over stays there. This was the second visit to Hawaii for them, the first one was the first yr we were here. They get all there goodies and get settled in and we headed to Red Lobster, tradition haha we ate there the first night they flew in on the first trip. It was a late night and we headed back to the room afterwards, talked talked talked and went home really late and crashed.

Now I don't remember everything but I do remember that day. While they were here went to the zoo, Hale Koa..Magic Show w/buffet and Luau that was on two different nights. We did the PCC when they were here last time the food sucked compared to Hale Koa's food but the PCC show is better. We ate out ALOT. We hit up Red Lobster, TGI Fridays-twice back to back nights it was soo good and reasonable, D&B, Koa Pancake house, Bibas @ the Hale Koa, Snack bars at the hale koa for lunch & McD's in waikiki for the pineapples haha. Koko Cafe, multiple times..u can pig out on the breakfast buffet. Pizza Bobs too! They came up and spend the day up at the house one of those days.

Orginally dh's grandmother and a family friend were also coming too but she got sick and had to cancel. I was really hoping for dd to get to know Gram she is such a great person, we love u GRAM!!! I can't wait to get back in GA to go visit her...she makes the best food ever!! So since she wasn't able to come we took her hotel room since they already had the reservations for it and we deserved the vacation too. She paid for our room which was SOO sweet of her to do.

I took my MIL to the swap meet she racked up on goodies for family back home, she loved it. She saved so much money than shopping at all those tourist traps in waikiki. Munchkin swam in the pools back and forth big pool, kiddie pool...walking the bridges. We also went to the beach and played at the playgrounds watched the fireworks. Walked the strip in Waikiki, shopped, I love cinnamon girl stores so of course I had to go hit them up. Had coldstone ice cream gosh that stuff is soo yummy. Took pictures and videos out the wazooo...we had a great time.

They did a lot of tourist stuff the first time they were here so we kept it low key this time. It was SO nice.

It was a sad day when they had to leave.