Friday, October 28, 2005


My laptop apparently got a BUG of some sort I can't do anything with it...I am pist about it but I think it fixable. All I want is my pictures off of it..if i lose them i will be one pist off women. Thank goodness for multiple computers.

Halloween is almost here!!! Yippee...I put dd in her costume from last yr it was huge on her and it still fits this yr. I just had to put it on her so she could see what she looked like, a little lady bug. She is going as a GA Bulldog cheerleader this yr FIL even got her doing a cheer its rather cute. We still gotta carve a pumpkin and I am gonna make a pumpkin pie...can't forget the candy either

I wanna get Christmas shopping done!!

DO u know how much entertainment play-doh has been to munchkin? WOW if i would have known. I bought a package of 10 colors to test it out with her...well I have her only 2 colors no need to have them all out at one time. So as the two she has gets worn out Ill give her 2 other colors. I was gonna get her the playdoh table for Christmas but the one outside works just as good I can just use that money on her accessories. She can only play with it outside because I can't deal with that kinda mess in the house...sweeping off the balcony is much easier to do...and she loves to be outside.

So now I need to decide on the other stuff I wanna get her and get it before the stores get crazy.