Wednesday, October 26, 2005


It looks like we are going to re-enlist. DH can't keep his current MOS so he has to change to a different one and go back to AIT. So hopefully, xing my fingers we will know what the heck is gonna happen soon. One thing I HATE about the military is they never seem to have there crap straight...nothing is set in stone and is bound to change at any moment. I think I am more excited about the MOS change than dh is....I think its a job he will love and once he gets some experience it will open up more civilian jobs for him.

So I am due date is on our moving date...which means I could possibly go home to deliver, which isn't a bad idea. I would need to be outta here before Feb if thats the case. I will be very happy and of course be spoiled compared to my deliver with dd. If I do deliver here than we will have family come out to keep up with munchkin.

I have yet to write up about our vacation but we had a BLAST and was SO worth it...hopefully I can sit long enough to write about soon.


pl8lunch said...

Hi Dorothy! Re-enlisting is such an adventure. Get all that experience while you can.

I was a navy wife and disliked the military inconsistencies. Basically, they do whatever they want with you once they have you in their clutches.

My son has 11 years in. I'm wanting him to consider the long term benefits by re-enlisting. Alas, he's tired of all the moving and wanting to settle down and raise his family.

Hey, looking forward to hearing about your visit and vacation!

Anonymous said...

I say do it. I have done it 4 times. Go for it. Ya know the Army is a great thing. But U deside. Just remember to reup for 96U (UAV Operator). You will love it. Hope to hear from you soon.

Joe Broswick