Wednesday, September 14, 2005

It's official

A week a go my title was "Stay at home Mom"....Now add full time college student to that!! Online classes that is...time management is key!!

This should be pretty interesting...I can kick myself in the butt for not getting on track when we got orders for Hawaii. So I am gonna attempt to keep myself on track. Might be a tough road...I only hope the class load isn't overwhelming.

All the paperwork is completed waiting to hear from FAFSA again. I am xing my fingers that I will get the full grant which I think I will. My books have been ordered they will be here friday $75 bucks for books not to bad including shipping it could have been worse.

My first assignment "write a biography". Wow, I get to talk about myself lmao. DH and his lil goofy butt said I should write about be being some super profile person, silly but it was humerous. So I got my biography written today...I am ahead of the game I just hope I can keep up. I am excited, anxious & nervous all rolled into one.

So, I am gonna enjoy less than a week vacation and school starts next week.