Thursday, September 15, 2005


dang its wednesday already!!!

I got up and munchkin and I had waffles for breakfast. Did the dishes, 2 loads of laudry & put them away. Got another email to check out and set up my computer for class. So I sat here and read and did tutorials. Reviewed the coursed that I needed to take...I need go to back tomorrow and read some more...rather be prepared than not.

I watched Dr. Phil...he gets on my nerves but today it was his new season so I had to watch. I jumped in the shower and got munchkin ready to go. We stopped at McD's and picked up food...I ate on the way and dd ate when we got there. Its pre-season games and they lost tonight so they are out until the season starts. I donno why but going to the games is growing on me...I really like going and so does dd. If it only wouldn't rain while were out. So I always carry the umbrella. I am ready to have some games at Schofield or Wheeler again.

My grandparents are getting bad weather in NC..hope everything is ok with them.