Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Keeping this semi short.....

DH goes to talk to the career counselor soon...joy joy what will our options be. DH wants to stay here...WHY ON EARTH?? I know why I think...he likes the unit he is in.

I can deal with 3 yrs max if that includes a deployment and I get to go home for a year. If he isn't gonna be on the island then I won't be on the island, if I had older kids this would be different. I DON'T want my child to go to school here. Yrs from now DD won't even know we moved back and forth. So if we stay here then we will be going home more often and/or flying family out for visits. We have been away from them long enough...it would be different if we could jump in a car and go. This will also decide on where I deliver the baby at....I'd rather be home!!

and another thing..dh has a truck that he has only driven 6 mths its his baby and won't sell it...I don't have a problem with that BUT if we are gonna stay here longer whats the point of keeping it if he doesn't wanna send it over here? I love the truck too...big tires to go play in the mud.

Tonight was another football game...pre season game which doesn't count yet. The other unit won...it ended up in a tie and they played some other way to make the final call on who won. It was quite entertaining...not sure when the next one is but DD had fun.

I am into my maternity pants. I wanted to wear jeans and I ended up in the maternity ones walking out the door. I felt like I was in Highschool with the clothes thrown all over my room trying to find something to wear...didn't help that I totally forgot about the game..even tho he told me last week about it.

4 weeks until my family gets here WOOOHOOOO...my paperworks done time to sit and wait!


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