Monday, August 15, 2005


It was LONG...well I wish it was longer.....

We didn't go to the zoo nor the pool. I helped a friend out friday night and went into saturday. We all did go out to eat friday night to outback and then to Koa pancake house saturday morning. After breakfast we came home and was girlfriend left mid afternoon I had no energy. I sure was a long night I haven't stayed up that late in a LONG TIME but it was nice to be able to enjoy each others company. It felt like a slumber party in my living room.

Saturday I felt icky maybe it was the lack of sleep or maybe its just preggo issues but I had the feeling of being sick all day....I ended up getting sick later in the not fun. Dh was playing with his guitar and shelby was running for daddy. I hate when she is around when I get sick....I haven't been sick until this pregnancy so now she knows what throwing up is all about, YUCK!!!

So Sunday...I didn't want to drive to waikiki to the we shopped. Wally World and Nex...we had lunch at the Nex...we didn't get home until 5 time sure did fly bye. We tried to stop by my friends house on the way home but she wasn't home....then I get home and she calls harassing me that I don't go by then she is home. Well stay your butt at home and I will catch ya one day hahaha. We picked up goodies for family and bought a new phone...we have needed a new phone but had been putting it off...dh picked up another dvd storage cuz we just have too many movies.

Munchkin is getting so big....we are now putting her in big girl panties during the day and pull ups at night and when we leave the house but still attempt to get her to tell us she needs to go potty when we are in public. My goal is to have her outta diapers aka pull ups before the baby gets here...I think she can get the day time down just not sure about night time....gotta teach her to get up and go then go back to sleep...thats gonna take a little while longer.

I need to go call to make a drs appt, go to the commissary, and clean. I also wanna call Dell to see what kinda deal they can get me so I can avoid my dh from buying an Alienware computer. I want a haircut....I hope dh is off early so Friday can be a ME day!!! We have about 8 weeks until our family comes over I can't wait....2 weeks of waikiki. DH is off yippee but I might want to kill him before its time for him to go back to work. I think I will have my ultrasound then so they will be able to be here to see the baby.

I hope to be more productive this week and out and about this weekend as orginially planned this weekend.