Friday, August 12, 2005


Munchkin at the pool she thinks she is 10 yrs older than she is & yesterday playing with her earring and tiara...see the shirt is on backwards and inside out...silly girl!!!

When I got up I just wanted go to back to sleep and start the day over.....well I was late getting ready for my pool date....BUT I still got outta the house FAST. I felt bad that I wasn't ready when she got here but I didn't lally gag around.

WHY he HECK haven't I been going to the pool more often??? What a now I will be begin living at the pool getting some rays. Munchkin head had a good time...she was able to touch the bottom in the kiddie pool but she had to understand that as it got deeper she couldn't walk with her feet I need to get her some water wings we brought her tube but wings would be nice. I ment to bring her pool pal suit but I forgot it duh.

I am getting a little belly at least u can tell in my swimsuit.

So I get home and boy do I gotta pee!!! DH had a friend here for lunch so us gals ate and now its relaxing time...I need a nap...otherwise I will be dog tired at 6 tonight. Whats for dinner??? I would like to go out for dinner not sure what I want tho.

I am glad its friday a LONG weekend HOPEFULLY it will be nice....I wanna go out to breakfast Koa pancake house, the zoo & hit the pool again then what ever else dh wants to do..anything but being indoors.