Sunday, August 21, 2005

scrunchies & other jibberish

I feel like I have scrunchies on my wrists and the tightness is making me want to put them in my hair.

Nausea has been the killer of me these past days. I am SOOOO sick of it. So I am using Sea-Bands and if this doesn't work then I am off to get some drugs. If I don't feel better by Monday I am marching my butt up to the dr hopefully they won't say u are dehydrated just what I wanna do go lay up there. It comes at different times of the day and I can feel it coming on....just like a description on the net starts with your saliva and I could go on and on but I won't. I hope tomorrow feels like a new day for me.

Munchkin is into Veggie Tales. She has a music cd that we play in the car and it says her name thru out the different songs its pretty cute. I picked it up when we got back to the island. So now that she knows the songs we got the movies so she can watch it. My neice needs her own cd and movies now.

I am hoping to make up for my lack of a nice long weekend tomorrow. This week will be a busy one...

I can keep talking but its bed time. NITE