Tuesday, August 23, 2005

just talking

I feel better today. Why?? Because I didn't take the car and go do the things I wanna do.

I now have meds for the nausea because the nausea bands didn't do a thing. Going Thursday for a free ultrasound...pretty cool for a facility to do this. I am gonna bring a donation and crochet up some baby hats. I wonder how many I can get done before Thursday. I got a big chuck of birthday money that I haven't spent & DD has some too...We're gonna go shopping tomorrow.

DH has this thing with bringing home guys for lunch...I don't have a problem with them coming but call and tell me beforehand. I like to have warnings. I can make sure there is tea made, food ready to be eatten. DH came home today with a friend who seems to come over quiet often he is such a sweet guy. He is always saying yes ma'am..makes me feel old. Cleans up after himself, plays with munchkin like she is his own. Today we had sandwiches, chip, tea & they had boiled peanuts after dh was talking smack about his friend being from Michigan. So now we have him turning southern between the tea, bbq and boiled peanuts. We need to have him over for dinner he is single and I am sure he would love a hot home cooked dinner...along with some quality PS2 time.

I talked to my mom for quite some time today. Same ol going on there but she got to listen to munchkin talk up a storm, sing twinkle twinkle lil star, play the whats that game and tell me good job for getting it right. I can't wait for my parents to see her in person and see her in action. They are gonna fall in love all over again. She has learned so much from the last time they saw her. I think they are gonna be shocked to see how much she really knows and to see how well behaved she is. I hope our next one is just as easy going as she is.

The laundry is almost done..I need to fold a load and dry a load & fold and it will be done.

We had chicken alfredo with broccoli for dinner, it was yummy. I skipped the chicken. Chocolate pudding for dessert. If u ever want some thing batter-like (brownies, cookies, cake) make pudding. Doesn't have egg and hits the spot.hehe

DH is playing football....practice is weekly. I need a schedule of the games. So I know, I hate last minute warnings. I wonder if he will go back to playing softball next season. I rather watch a softball game than football, in person that is. If its on tv then I can watch almost any sport except golf, how boring its always puts me to sleep.

It's gonna be a busy week with appointments & shopping...I am hoping Friday munchkin and I can hit the pool...maybe some of my girlfriends will be free to go also. I gotta keep the tan going before it fades.

Woot, monday is almost over can't wait for the rest of the week...good shows at night!! I really can't wait for all the new seasons of shows.