Friday, August 19, 2005

feels like friday

I got my grocery shopping done yesterday and munchkin went swimming. I made my drs appt today. DH got home early today but had a football game to play in. I wish I was feeling better cuz dd and I would have gone but I wasn't feeling good enough to be out sitting in the heat.

So we have a long weekend, yippee. DH mention that we should do the zoo tomorrow. If I feel good then we will prolly go if not it will have to wait. I hope I can keep breakfast down..cuz I haven't kept anything down since after my nap today. I donno whats wrong with me and I don't feel like going to Tripler. The fear of eatting and it not staying down makes me not wanna eat. I am supposed to be over this mess already. My sunburn is at the itching point like constant itching its driving me crazy.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!! I hope the weekend goes by SOOOO SLOW!!


Anonymous said...

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