Tuesday, August 16, 2005

is it friday yet?

soooo, I haven't gotten to the commissary or my drs appts made.....its not completely my fault.

but I am gonna do the grocery shopping tomorrow. Munchkin will he happy to push the cart and get her fruits herself. I will also attempt once again to get my appts scheduled. I can't believe I am 13 wks already. I will be halfway done when my family gets here yippee.

DH came home at lunch with flowers, dreyers ice cream and 30 chocolate bars!!! He went to Sam's...he should have no reason to complain about me eating chocolate.

DH took a friend to get his car treatment done...something about rust free something or another...must be a new thing...I donno but the dealership did it for him. He got a mustang everyone is getting new cars. I want a new CAMRY...but don't want the car pymt. So dh drove to drop off the car and now they just picked it up....SOOOOO I talked dh into picking up dinner cuz I am NOT in the mood to cook dinner. I haven't been in the mood to cook dinner in a LONG time. So its KFC

I cleaned today. I just need to clean the fridge & mop that will be tomorrows job. My girlfriend is coming to get my vaccum and carpet cleaner to use so I had to get the vaccuming done today.

I got fried friday at the pool...so now I feel all itchy...I don't wanna peel. I need to go back to the pool to get tan now. Who wants to go?????

I am hoping dh gets off early tomorrow and is off friday...I HOPE!!!


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