Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Where has my energy gone?? I haven't been in the mood to cook... thankfully dh has done it!! Being sick knocked me on my butt thats for sure.

Today was craft day with the girls we had fun...we had a new girl come this time woohoo!! I got a skirt make and that was about it...we sat and watched oprah hahahah...and chilled. Time sure does fly when they are here...before u know its dinner time!!

DD had an appt so dh took her...she has an outter ear infection. The tubes are working...she is starting to complain about her ear hurting so we have meds for it and we go back for a follow up...hopefully this will clear up soon.

Tomorrow, I am going shopping and out to lunch with a girlfriend woohoo

I need to go pour more cernamic molds...they are having a pour a thon and I sooo need to go!! It will get me out and meet more people off the internet!!

My baby is growing up I can't believe she is gonna be 2 already!!!