Wednesday, June 15, 2005

here and there

I have been posting my blogs on the Yahoo 360 page. I still haven't figured out what one I will use....

we have been sick but today we feel much better. I cleaned the house to get it germ free!! We have our appetites back its must have just been a 24 hr bug or something. Tomorrow we have an all day welcome home party at the beach....from lunch to late night dancing...kiddos can go too woohoo..shel is gonna love it.

Hubby has a four day weekend so I wanna go work on my angel....gonna go try out a new gymnastics place and relax.

Next week we are going to go see Elmo Live...woohoo thanks to a friend we got cheap tickets.....half price!!

Hubby hasn't been able to keep me outta the yarn section at wally world...but he still loves me hahah