Sunday, May 29, 2005


I got up early and went to the cermanics class on was way fun..a little boring because we learned to pour the mold..but we got to socialize and check out the place while it was cool tho. They have a ton of molds!! I wanna make stuff like crazy... They pre-picked out molds for this class...I have a Cherub...she is cute I am gonna make her look like least with the hair and eye color. I am gonna go back next week to start making her look pretty and prolly pour some more molds. They have soo much cool stuff to far I want some of the dolphins, turtles, christmas stuff...and I would love to make the stork blanket/basket (its already molded since it so large) it is huge and SO adorable!!! I am hoping I can find some stuff for the dining room to do ..some grapes, fruit basket..ton and tons of ideas I tell ya.

I worked on my blanket, I am almost done with my first more to go. Tomorrow I am hoping to accomplish alot!! I got to get some packages in the mail to my folks....

I am looking forward to going to a cook out will be fun!!!