Sunday, April 03, 2005

Well, I got up and was out the door at 7am to hit the yard sales. I found 7 between the 3 different housing areas close by. I love bargin shopping, love it love it love it!! Why pay full price for something when u can get it cheaper or even in almost new condition....of course depending on the items.

My munchkin went potty in her potty chair yesterday and today, I think this is the beginning and I hope she continues on this path..I would LOVE to save extra money on diapers!! We called grandma & pa to tell them of her potty achievements!!

We went out to eat tonight again..we ate out yesterday..since our shopping adventure took so long!! I am soo stuffed right now I was really hungry. DH loved his food and DD ate really good too. It's still wet and windy here, nasty weather. I don't remember it being this rainy when we lived here before. This area gets alot of rain but I think its alot more this year. I am ready for bright sunny days with nice tradewinds. I love to keep my windows and doors open but this cold weather makes it soo chilly.