Friday, April 01, 2005

I can not rave enough about the family dr we saw today!!! She was AWESOME!!! I guess u can say I am really picky with drs..if I don't feel comfortable or if I don't like how they do things I will get someone else. She personally called me at home with results and she will call me back when the other one comes in!!

DD had her 18 mth well baby and her stitches removed by the group and I didn't really like the care we were given. I guess at the 18 mth well baby is the one I really didn't like the stitches were a simple issue. I had thought about switching her over to a pediatrician but I think I am going to stay with this lady her normal it seems like u never get to see the same person but I will now request to see her only. DH & I felt like we were talking to our best friend she was really relaxed, great mood just a super nice lady. I questioned myself about taking her in because it seemed like her symptoms were getting better but we took her anyway and I am soo happy that we did. I didn't feel like I was wasting my time by being there and the dr told us to never second guess ourselves. DD loved her too she was talking to her and playing like it was her grandma.

I strummed on dh's guitar yesterday..I wasn't even playing around with it long and my fingers were hurting. It can be quite fustrating but I wanna learn too!!

It's Friday I am happy...I am hitting yard sales tomorrow and going shopping after that. I hope the weather is nice this weekend so DD can get in her pool!!