Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Finally, dh is back with his unit..he has been waiting for this week for a long time. All the guys are back safely from both deployments..which is great news!! I can't wait to see the guys who just got back.

Munchkin is still going potty in on her potty seat!! She doesn't go everytime but she has been going about twice a day now. Doing both duties so I know she isn't afraid to go. I guess over time she will start going more and more and adventually we will have her outta diapers. She gets so excited afterwards its pretty funny. I bought some "real" kiddy shampoo/conditioner & detangler all in one for her smells so yummy! It's got a grape smell, kinda like my hair spray but better!! I love fresh clean babies!!

I have so impressed how much our routine is working. Three meals a day, sitting at the table like a family and 1 snack after naptime. We ate in the livingroom all the time when we lived here before and we always said we would nip that in the bud when dd wasn't a little baby anymore. I wasn't up to par on it before dh got home but he has helped adjust the routine once he got home.
today's meals were:
Breakfast- Cinnamon French Toast & dh had eggs with his
Lunch- leftover Beef Stew & Rice
Dinner- Cheese Ravoli's with sauce

I cleaned more today and skipped workout..I'll make that up tomorrow!!