Sunday, April 24, 2005


It's been a nice long weekend. It feels as if dh has been home a week...I love having him home. We went up to the North Shore to let dd see the sea turtles..they are huge she loves the water. Parking is usually horrible up there but the waves were low which was surfing for the surfers it was only at 1ft-2ft and it was low tide when we went. It was a really nice beach day!!

Hubby says I have been baking up a storm...I made cookies last night and this morning I made crumb goes so good with a nice cup of coffee and can be a for breakfast or dessert yummy. On top of that I have been baking for the squad so its a little more than the average..but I love to bake.

Monkey girl is all signed up for gymnastics..she is going to love it. I gotta pick up a leotard.

The baby shower went great..I heard about it on the phone but I wish I could have been there. They emailed me pictures of the shower...mommie to be looks really great. My aunt has the greatest ideas on gift giving and making it unique..but I don't like sharing the ideas because everyone would do it. So if u know consider yourself special. She did it at my shower and every babyshower I go to I do the same thing. It's the coolest and is always a hit!!! Oh, the package was mailed 2 day air thru USPS and it got there on the third I am checking into a refund, I gotta file a claim.

Tomorrow, I am cleaning!!