Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Nice Day

I had a really nice Monday. I cleaned the house it looks good did a load of laundry. DD and I walked today..it felt so great. DD was really happy and content in her stroller the whole time, she did fall asleep before arriving back home..whoohooo. She played with our neighbors kiddo at the park they had a great time following each other around. She likes going from playground to playground so after she saw him coming down to play she zipped right towards him it was pretty cute. She scrapped her knee up from a fall and all night I heard about the boo boo that daddy doctored up with an Elmo Bandaid.

Hubby came home with the Homecoming Party information so I am excited. It's an all day thing and dd will have a blast...and of course we will too. We think it will be a long weekend too..but we will see for sure as it gets closer.

I need to get myself to Walmart & Pricebusters...I am having withdrawals.