Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Early start

I am was up at 6:30am got some internet time..dd woke up and she brought out 5 of her stuffed animals to the couch to watch tv with her. She carried 3 and had be carry 2. I threw together breakfast and jumped in the shower. Folded laundry and picked out dd an outfit. Dh came home from pt jumped in the shower. We ate breakfast and now I am off to dress DD and its 8am. wooohooo Dh put the dishes away...looks like its gonna be a good day...

I am back....

Parking at the clinic is HORRIBLE!!! I was late but I got in to see a different physician..he is new but gosh he talks alot. DD got her physical done and was given a sticker. We went baby shower shopping for a family member back home....picked dh up for lunch and we ate out..DD is catching up on all the playing she missed this morning. I gotta finish up her registration for the class..I'll finish that tomorrow AM.

It's almost nap time!!

For the second day this week I have laid down for a nap. I have felt so much better afterwards. I have let dd lay down with me as long as she naps and doesn't play. Today she didn't want to lay down so she went to her room to lay in her bed. Her naps have been much longer when we are both laying down. She has also been in a better mood too. So I think we will keep up this trend when I am tired during the day. Potty training is still going as expected, I am so proud of her.

DH got the package that I put together mailed out..mailing to the mainland is so expensive. I think they will enjoy there stuff that we picked up for them and they will know it was from us when they see it. Thats the best thing about receiving a gift when you know...who got u that particular gift with out going back to the list of stuff you received. They will always think of us when they see it. I also sent home some hula kits for my little neices they will love it...complete with flower piece for hair, lei, coconut bra & a grass skirt. I can't wait to see pictures.

I made a quick dinner tonight..dh has been playing with his guitar..shel is playing with her hungry hippo toy. I am gonna make some pudding then put monkey girl in the tub. Bedtime for her and tv time for dh & I. Our long weekend begins....our plans so far is to complete dd's registration tomorrrow. Beach, Waikiki & babysitting for a friend are also planned for our long weekend. We are gonna take dd to see the fireworks, zoo & possibly sunset on the beach after I see whats playing. Let the weekend BEGIN!!!