Wednesday, April 27, 2005

just another day

This morning I wasn't productive at all. I chatted on the phone all day it seems which isn't a bad thing I guess. I guess housing has decided that the trees need to be trimmed in the area..they did a good job I was expecting them to butcher the heck out of them. It looks nice now..driving on to our road.

We went to Wally World tonight..I had to get my withdrawal fix. Everytime we go there we spend HOURS in there. I am sure its not just us that spend hours in there but it was REALLY nice and we always spend way to much when we go but its ok. I picked up a couple goodies for myself one of the most exciting things a BATHING SUIT. I really love it and it fits really good. I HATE shopping for swimwear but I am super happy about it. I also wanted something else creative to do so I picked up crocheting stuff to start learning and I am going to be creative and make a lei using straws, yarn & eyelash yard just loops around it, so the straw doesn't stay on there. It was showing on a local channel for crafting and its super thats what I am doing tomorrow, I am excited but I get excited easily. The real lei's are nice for coming off the plane but they die so quickly and it will be nice for family to keep.

So since I was super excited when I got home I showed dh the bathing suit on and he likes it. I knew he would. DD got a bath and while she was doing that I was playing around with the crocheting stuff..I think I will catch on quick this book makes it easy with pictures. I have wanted to learn how to crochet for so long and just haven't had the time to do it but I do now.

It's late gotta run and hit the hay..I am sleepy!!