Saturday, April 09, 2005

I finally picked up a book today, "Chicken Soup for the Military Wives Soul" I was thru chapter 1 by the time we got home from grocery shopping. I wanna run back to the book store tomorrow!! I am on the hunt for a good recipe book, something like 5 or less ingredents or all crock pot recipes...I also want to get a book packed with old classic stories so we can read those to DD. The books she has now are getting old reading them over and over & Dr. Seuss has me all tongue tied. There are some on sale and I got a coupon for buying stuff today. Dh got me a book to read to her for me when we found out I was pregnant, it was a gift but it has no we need pictures so she will be more apt to lay still.

Dh was off today..I love days off. We got almost everything done except that I should have washed the car..maybe its not too late.

Breakfast: Pop-Tarts

Lunch: Mc Donalds

Dinner: Dh cooked woohoo!! Chicken, Rice & Green was yummy and I didn't have to do a thing..I love nights like this!!

I finally watched another Suze DVD, I learned stuff I didn't know about my investment accounts. I can't look in the past tho just gotta do it for the future. I wish I could predict our future, what do to what to do!! DH is gonna watch this to see all the benefits there are!! I need to do more research too.

I didn't get the car washed and it needs it BAD!! We will do it tomorrow. I am now half-way thru this book its pretty good. I layed in munchkins bed while she acted like I was her, she was putting me to bed...hugs, kisses and turned off the light. I guess she didn't think I needed a book read to me because I was reading my own. After she was tired of playing momma's sleeping we ventured to my bed cuz its alot larger lmao...and she is now fast asleep in my bed with her play potato chips surrounding her because they fell outta her bowl as she feel asleep. I love that little girl so much!!