Friday, April 08, 2005

Today has been rather productive....I cleaned the house, did a couple light loads of laundry, vaccumed, changed out an area rug outta my dining room finally. I had the house nice and clean by lunch.

DD went potty 3 times today, I am so proud of her. She goes potty, flushes it..washes her hands, sticker goes on the chart & gets a small treat, its gum drops right now. It's so funny to see how excited she gets. The joys of parenting...if daddy isn't in there she yells for him and if he isn't home when he gets home she will bring him in there to see her stickers its cute.

We are gonna have a great weekend three day at that!! If only the sun would come out that would be wonderful!!

Breakfast: Pancakes

Lunch: DD has mini wheats cuz she was wanting them at breakfast, dh had ramen' & I had left over chinese

Dinner: Pasta & I made pasta salad to nibble on thru out the weekend.