Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The weather has been nasty on and off. This am was yucky.

DD had an appt to get her stitches checked they are healing well and dr said we were taking care of it good, she doesn't think scaring will bad at all. We go back in a couple days to remove the stitches.

I think I have found DD a kitchen set..actually her cousin has it and I saw it online today and I think its cute and worth the money it will last a long has cute accessories that are additional worth the money and will last a long time. Something that will grow with her and not out of.

We went to dinner tonight it was pretty good, came home had Reese's Breyers ice cream with sprinkles..dd loves it of course..she gets that from her momma. I am ready for Thursday to get here...I am gonna start taking her to a bi-weekly playgroup that I hope we will like...they have planned field trip like activities and it gets her around kids more which I think she will love, I do think she will be shy in the beginning tho...we will see how it goes.