Thursday, March 17, 2005

We made it to the playgroup today and DD did really good. We are gonna start going!! We can go everyday if we want too...I know we will go twice a week for sure!! We signed up to do some more activties today with them. There is a spring break vacation which stinks but its helps us to adjusting to a new activity in our routine. I even got to meet some more wives woohoo and this just gets DD some friends her age to go play with...I am happy that we went!! We made her a St. Patricks Day hat for her altho she won't wear it I will get a pic of her wearing it before the day is over. This is working out so well because we don't have to bother with who is getting the car at what time and it doesn't mess up hubbys schedules either.

Tomorrow, DD gets her stitches out..I hope that goes well, I am sure it will. I think we will go pick up her kitchen set tomorrow, its cheaper then the net shows so we can hold it until we are ready give it to her. I hope I can find the pool I want too!!

I guess today is my lucky day or something cuz I just feel really good!!