Sunday, March 13, 2005

Today was eventful, dd ran into the corner of a wall this is the second time this has happened. In the same spot today's injury was bad. I don't think she was paying attention where she was going either time she ran into the wall. We took her to the ER and they put 3 stitches in. DH was home thankfully!! My mom always told me that when my brother and I were really sick or injured, when it required hospital visits she would feel real queasy. When I was little I would throw up at the sight of blood, ever since I worked in a hospital and had to adjust to seeing that stuff it never bothered me. Today, I wasn't like that...I was sleeping on the couch and hubby walked to the back room and apparently DD was running after him from the living room, thru the kitchen and ran in to the wall in the dining room before reaching the hallway. I heard the hit jumped up and she was running back to the living room where I was laying on the couch. All I saw was blood running from her laceration down her face and on the clothes. I hollered for DH he took her and I ran for the first aid kit. We got the bleeding controlled and ran her to the ER. I felt so bad for her I could feel the pain. I think seeing the open wound is what made me queasy, it was nasty and deep. They took us right back when we got to the hospital. I couldn't deal with seeing her tied into the straight jacket, numbing the area and suturing it up. DH is good with this kinda stuff..keeping her mind off of it and all that jazz. So I left while they sutured her and returned when they were done. DH said she did really good, she doesn't like to be strapped down..most kids don't. Now we wait for a check up visit to make sure it healing properly and then we go back to get them removed. I hope there isn't bad scaring but we will see. I was very surprised at how quickly they attended to her and got her fixed up.

My Baby & her stitches