Monday, March 28, 2005

This weekend was such a great one!!! Easter we stayed busy and we had a great time. Dh smoked a turkey...we had turkey because I really needed to get it out of the freezer, it was taking up too much room. It was a boneless turkey was SOHO easy to smoke!! It smelt soo good it felt like we were home outside in the windy cold weather. I made sides to go with it, the gravy was awesome and we were all full afterwards. DD flew her kite yesterday she ran around chasing the tail of it she got one with no sticks, they are a pain in the butt!! She got a pool but its gotta get really warm before I put her in it. I think she is in love with Charlie Brown, she loves the Easter show..I can't wait for her to see the others that they have for the different holidays!! I couldn't believe this came out of my mouth but I can't wait for Christmas to get here..I think its this crazy weather and the way it makes u feel all warm inside and I love to cook, bake..I guess Easter just put me in the mood. I love to see her little face glow!!

I have been very motivated with cleaning and all that jazz..I am not happy with this krylon spray for the plastic table, yeah its cute but I don't think I really like it! I am not sure what I am gonna do with it now. My hanging plants are finally getting some nice sun, they haven't gotten much sun by being inside because it just hasn't been sunny lately but today they are outside enjoying the nice weather. I am so in love with oxy clean...its amazing how nicely it cleans up dd's clothes!! I sold some of her toys today it gives her more space in her room now. I think I am tried of this template so I did another template to test it out a little but I am not sure what one I like better. DH likes this one but I think its getting OLD!!!