Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The story of my day today was clean, clean, clean...so I have a clean house but its not completely how I want it. DD room is super clean and smells so good...I put up most of the toys she hardly plays with left the frequent ones out. I really need to go thru her closet and put up clothes that she doesn't fit into anymore....it would give me more room to hang the rest of the stuff up instead of it sitting in baskets, she isn't lacking in the clothes department.

DD mastered another puzzle today..this one was numbers she loves them..I am sure she loves all the excitement we show when she does it correctly. She helped with the laudry throwing the clothes into the dryer and the dryer sheet, she likes to help. We unloaded the dishwasher together..one utensil at a time, one plate at a time.

DD had french toast sticks today this was the first ones she ate like this, frozen in the box kind..she liked it. She had pasta n sauce for lunch, while dh and I had taco bell, it sure was good!! For dinner we had, lemon peppered chicken..corn, green beans & rice, we had sweet tea..she had milk. Dh has cake and I ended up with ice cream, dd had a little of both! DD is an excellent eater but I can't get her to eat green beans...but she will eat salad, peas, carrots, broccoli, cabbage. I guess one day she will eat them...I can't complain cuz it could be worse I just hope she stays with the variety of food she will eat.

That was pretty much my day..it went fast and I hope tomorrow does too!!