Sunday, March 27, 2005

Today was a great day other than the weather. If it would have been sunny and hot I would have been alot happier!! This weather reminds me of feels like the weather they had in Ga before I returned to Hawaii.

We got up watched a little tv, ate a little breakfast...we all got ready and headed out to a kiddie fair. DD had a great time...she loved the petting zoo, carousel, egg hunt & the polynesian dancers. At the petting zoo she tried to feed the baby goat hay and she was calling it doggie & petting was small dd was so cute in there!! I got quite a few pics that I will share after we get pics from tomorrow too. We colored rice, I think its the coolest put in a sand box or sand table instead of sand. We got our eggs colored today too...this yr I found see-thru plastic dye cups..they are really cool and dd could watch them color which I thought was neato..she put them in the dye herself, she acts so grown up. She did a great job for it being her first time doing. This is one of the great things about having kids they are so easy to make happy and excited, I love it..her face just lights up and makes u feel so good!!

DD is learning to clean up her toys all by night before bedtime..we started this little clean up song and she picks up what ever toys she has out. Tonight it was a puzzle, she just recently started playing with them....also her kitchen cups etc and books...she returned the books to the bookcase and the cups to the kitchen...if I can just keep it this way then thats less work for dh & I!!

I gotta put her Easter basket together in the morning...I hope tomorrow is a nice day here!! I need pictures in her dress hunting eggs!! Dh is slow roasting on the grill tomorrow and its gonna be yummy!!