Monday, March 07, 2005

I can't believe this weekend is over already. We didn't do much of our pre-planned weekend can be blamed on my yard sale finds. Saturday I spent $50 bucks on a ton of stuff alot of it was home interiors and I wish I would had gotten more while I was there the first time. I had thought about going back Saturday to see that else she had but I didn't. Hubby slept in this am and I decided I would run back over today and check it out..DD was with me this time. I bought $150 more...the whole americana theme is thru out the living room and hallway now. Seven picture were home interiors and those things are expensive, there were also other pictures that went with the theme so I got them too. I have never found such great deals at a yard sale. These girls are so nice...they gave DD toys & a table, like she needed that. The house was on our old street, our next door who it was..she always had the cutest decor, an all around patriotic house. They are moving soon and she is changing there decor in there house. I am soo happy..the house feels home now. I need some candles to fill up the sconces with and some other goodies to hang from some pegs. DH is gonna refinish a shelf for me. I saved so much money..I wish I would have taken before and after pics now.

So the dining room is the area to work on's so bare compared to the rest of the house now. Shel needs a dresser but I am looking for the right one. I starting going thru her toys today but didn't get far. I need to get some toys out of there, I am gonna try and work on that some more tomorrow. I need to go to return some duplicate presents that she got..not sure what we will replace it with I doubt they will give me a refund.

It was a real short weekend but very enjoyable.