Saturday, March 05, 2005

Yesterday was a great day. DH got off work early, we went out to lunch and we went shopping!! DD's room looks so good. If I can just get her toys organized, hubby says I need to get rid of some...we would be good. We got the cutest book shelf and matches perfectly..curtains that I snatched up hoping they would fit & look great, they do..I was so happy I love hanging curtains!! I need to go thru her closet, she has clothes galore..spoiled by her aunt the gap chick. I am almost finished with the decor in the house, I just need some stuff for the living room wall and dining room wall, nothing has jumped out at me and said buy me yet so I am waiting on the right one. I got my new glasses today & I LOVE them!!!

We had christmas again yesterday, she racked up in clothes, toys and electronics games. The grand parents went crazy. She got the CUTEST Easter dress ever, oh it's so adorable. Hubby and I got clothes, gap of course...I love the gap and a SIL who has an awesome style. My V-day gift from hubby came in the box too, 4 bottles of my favorite wine!!

We had a long day and we were all exhausted by 8, we watch our nightly friends episodes and went to bed.

We have a plans all weekend which is great cuz I don't like just sitting at home on the weekends.