Monday, June 14, 2004

WOW...I am behind

I just got home from my vacation in NY. I left in the beginning of May and just got back.

A little update...

I am doing good just adjusting to being back home. I am tried of deployment and hearing all the incidents that have been going on. I am ready for my husband to get out of there and enjoy some quality time with his daughter. A couple of losses from over that that have hit home for me and my dh. Life is too short and I think we won't take that for granted once we get our loved one back home. I had my 25th birthday while I was gone...I wish I was a kid again hahah.

My darling Shelby is WALKING..she won't be stopping now. She is so funny. She has learned make the indian noises with her hand and mouth. Also makes car noises and played with boy toys first while in she got her hands on action figures before barbie. She has a pretend snore act that she does...she will lay her head on a pillow and make snoring noises..and if u say "i can't hear you" she will snore louder. She enjoyed her time with her cousins in NY.

She has been running a temp all day today so off to the dr we go tomorrow. I was gonna take her to the ER but I didn't want to deal with all the insurance mess wondering if they would "cover" it so I will just wait and take her to the base tomorrow,

My darling husband...He has had better days. I hate that he has had to go thru this deployment and I think things will be different when he returns. I couldn't imagine being in his shoes and dealing with all the issues of deployment...its hard enough on the family left behind but to be over there thats a diffeernt story...

enough for now gotta run