Monday, June 14, 2004

Well, we visited the Dr this was a general family dr..I alway prefer a pediatric dr for Shelby. I guess I have worked in the medical field to long and I am stuck with that opinion. She was ill enough that I thought she needed to be seen. Of course they tell us to continue Tyenol and the gave us some other meds..hopefully it will help. If not then we will go back.

She is sleeping now so that is a good thing she was really tired.

I guess I am back on my normal routine here...I was more productive in NY. I almost feel like I am sitting here doing nothing until we get DH back and venture back to Hawaii.

I need to be planning Shelbys birthday party...I guess I don't wanna do it cuz I was really hoping DH would be here for it or I could have it when he came home for R & R. I HIGHLY doubt that he will get it so I guess I need to go ahead and get on the ball huh???

I need to go get some grub..I am hungry. In NY I had 3 meals a day my body wasn't used to that. So now it seems like its starving cuz I am back to my old routine.

I haven't heard from DH in a while I am hoping to catch him online SOON!!!