Sunday, April 11, 2004

It's Easter!!! Well, the day is almost over. Catching up on the last couple of days first LOL

I have had alot going on this week. Watching SIL baby has kept me really busy. Makes me wonder about having another child. JK I guess two kids under a yr old is hard. I definately keep myself on my toes.

Friday started my great weekend hahahah... DH send me FLOWERS!!! I was like a little baby crying at the door. It was super sweet they are Daisies. Beautiful, I hope they don't die!!! Wishful thinking huh. Then I find out some 411 on DH unit, thank GOD everyone is ok!!! Then, a piece of a tree limb falls out of the tree in the front yard onto my MIL SUV. I was so mad..the dang tree is getting cut down. I guess my yellow ribbon has to find a new home on the mailbox or front door. Maybe a new tree will be planted. All of this happened in ONE DAY!! Too much for me, too bad the flowers didn't arrive until after all this happened.

DH called me on Saturday!! It was nice to hear his voice and catch him up on everything going on here and there. He said, things seem to be getting better (living conditions) over there as time goes by, I guess it will. He did mention R & R but we aren't sure how it will work out exactly with everything going on so we will see. We aren't getting our hopes up just in case he doesn't come home. Once he is standing in my sight then I will believe it LOL.

Today, Easter was a great. We did our normal Easter routine and also went to visit family and had family and friends over for dinner. Shelby was so adorable in her Easter dress today, I only wish dh was here to enjoy her first easter..oh well. Next year will be totally awesome since she will be a little older.

We also bowled league tonight against my dad and bro. They are in first place and they were trying to kick our butts but they won 2 lost 2 so we are even. All of my team members are military, well except one but he is prior service. They all work in the aviation field which is awesome and ironic that we all have something in common. One of my team members, the one that is prior service works in Tallahassee, FLA (yes he drives that far to come bowl) and is checking on possible jobs that DH might be able to do if he decides to leave the Army. Super cool, I can't wait to tell DH I guess we will see what happens. Even tho we have a while it will be nice to possibly have something lined up for the future. We only have two more weeks of league then it is over. They have asked me to also bowl summer league which I probably will.

Tomorrow is week two for keeping my SIL baby we will see how it goes. I am outta here gotta get some sleep!!!

Love ya babe...280 days maybe LOL

Happy Easter DADA...xxxooo P.S. I colored an easter egg for was blue and I wrote, for dada on it..Wink Wink luv you!!!