Saturday, April 03, 2004

Things have been going great on this end lately. DH is now on night shift, I don't know how he likes it yet since I haven't talked to him. I do know that there will be no more details for him which will be good, since they like giving them stupid stuff to do. We are waiting on information about R & R time, gosh I hope and pray they he gets it. I will be super happy and bouncing off the walls. I hope it will be around the half way point of his yr there but I guess we will see.

I can't believe its April already. Easter is just around the corner. Just about 9 mths to sounds like a long time but I really think it will fly by.

I bought DD a baby pool today!! She totally loves it. She is such a good baby. I am really blessed. I wish DH could see her he would be so proud and I know he wouldn't believe how big she has gotten in these last couple of months. She seems like she is a 2yr old stuck in baby's body. All of these things that she does is just unreal to me, she really learns fast. I am gonna be chasing her before u know it. Well, I am already chasing her crawling around the house but I know that once she learns to take those steps she will be running. Her words these days are mama and uuuuhhh-oooooooooo and occasionally dada but we are still working on it. She also makes this clicking noise with her tongue (grandma taught her that) and does her "fake" cough really good. She hasn't been napping alot lately so she has been really tired at night which makes her sleep really good.

I got some really great news today!!! Our HHG that we had shipped back here to GA from Hawaii are here. One of our friends offered to let us put some of the stuff that we wanted to be shipped to come over here with there stuff so now all we have to do is pick it up!! I can't wait!!! That news totally made my day!!!

Only about 288 days left, hip hip hooray!!!