Wednesday, March 10, 2004

I really need to make this a daily habit!!!

Today was a nice day. DH was off today but wasn't online much after he logged of to go to chow. I guess he got busy.

DD was extremely fussy she was a different child!! She totally made my day soo much better. I don't know whats been up with her being fussy all the time. It's gotta either be teething, the runny nose allergy crap (S GA weather) or just this seperation anxiety phase. I hope she continues being my happy baby for a while. I really hate when she is fussy it makes my day soo much longer and stressful.

We have plans every weekend this month...which will make this month fly by. I have had more time on the net lately which has been GREAT. What would we do without the internet?

Tonight we had an awesome dinner but DD insisted in raking her hand in my rice and veggies. She ate some of my carrots...I hope she stays just like she is with her variety of foods that she eats...cuz her daddy is picky.

I need to run off of here its 1am already!!!