Tuesday, March 23, 2004

I guess I will never stay up to date on this..oh well, life goes on.

I have been pretty busy and I seem to be tired all the time. WHY!!!

DD is growing like a weed as usual. She has two more teeth coming thru. Yippee, I can't wait for her to be able to eat regular food. She is always staring when I am eating. I think she will be a meat and potato person like her daddy. I really think I just carried her and went thru HOURS of labor for her to get everything from her daddy. The family already believes that DH just spit her out. They are SO MUCH alike, its almost unbelieveable.

I have been busy being mom as usual. My SIL went to SC to visit family so its only been DD and my bro around. Last week was definately quiet around here. I was home alone alot since my bro picked up hrs from a co worker. DD and I kept busy tho, I would really like to be able to SLEEP for one whole day but I would feel no different.

DH is really busy these days. He has arrived at his "permanent" location. I haven't "personally" heard from him since the movement but he called his dad. I did get to talk to him alot prior to the movement and also saw him on the webcam which was great!!! Yesterday, I received his laptop in the mail..I was suprised that it got here sooo quick. I hope that it will be covered in the warranty that we still have on it. My FIL is gonna take care of it and see what has to be done. We are supposed to receive the new laptop in the mail tomorrow. I have decided that I won't mail it until I hear from DH since he might not want it yet due to the conditions of the area that he is at now. So we will wait and see when he wants me to send it.

I need to get to the post office tho..wish I had some energy. I need to mail out some books to him that he got mailed here and also send a package to Hawaii for a friend.

I can't believe that this month has FLOWN by. I hope this year FLYS by QUICK. I have been thinking about making a website for the family in addition to the one we already have on MSN.

Ok enough talking I could go on an on....

Will write more later.

Love ya BABY~~Be SAFE