Monday, February 16, 2004

Another day.....

I wish someone would BAN me from entering a Walmart!!! I spent $50.00 in there today on what, I don't remember LOL. I also went to the mall and got dh a game for his PS2. I got the wrong one the other day at Walmart so I returned it and got a better one. Its Desert Storm II Back to Baghdad. I thought it was appropriate for where he is. I hope he likes it and doesn't think I picked out some stupid game for him. A new James Bond game comes out next week so I will send him that and I know he will LOVE it. He is a 007 addict. I hate picking out games for him cuz I never know if they are good or not, u know girls don't know things like that hahah.

I can't believe my SIL is gonna have her kiddo this week. I am nervous and scared for her LOL. It's kinda like the same feelings I had when I was preggo w/dd. I can't wait to find out if its a boy or girl. I have alot to do tomorrow. I really need to be in bed since its already after midnight and my child still isn't in bed.

DD gave me a big scare today. I totally got freaked out. She woke up from her nap and seemed fine at first. I then took her to the living room to take some pictures of her. Well, my SIL was taking them for me while I was sitting her up in position and she had tears rolling down her face and was making a face like she wanted to cry but it wouldn't come out. Well, she was acting really strange, non responsive and no cooing or anything. I picked her up and tried comforting her as she rubbed her eyes. To make a long story short I called the dr and everything seemed to be fine to her but I thought something was wrong (motherly instinct) I still don't know what it was but it was strange. I think she it was either something in her eye or she scratched her eye. It watered forever tho and had several severe crying episodes. I gave her meds and a bath and she seemed fine after that. It was just really weird.

I just got dd asleep and finished writing my book LOL...I need to get in bed. I hope I get to hear from dh tomorrow since its been a little while since i heard from him.

Love ya Babe