Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Where do I begin??

I have so much to say but I donno where to start....maybe if I just type it out I will feel better.

This weekend was great dd went to the park and sat in the swing for an HOUR!!! That was on Saturday. Saturday night we stayed the night with my FIL and we got up Sunday morning and went and had breakfast at Denny's, it was delicious!! We went back to his house and dd and my FIL took and afternoon nap on the hammock. Well, later in the afternoon we realized that she got burnt on her face. She is ok just red on one side and white on the other.

My MIL & I went shopping at Goody's well they have an awesome sale going on everything in the store was 40% off then we get an additional 15% off for a military discount. I saved almost $20.00 woohoo go me LOL

This week has sucked. I don't know if it is just me or what is going on. DD has been ILL. All she wants is ME..and I just can't handle her wanting me 24/7. The dr told us that this would happen around this age but dang I didn't think it would be this bad. I feel like she is attached to my hip literally. I love her to death but it's driving me CrAzY....welcome to parenthood!! I can't wait to have my cheerful daughter back!! Lord please help me!!

I got to hear from DH today it was by phone and for like 10 min. I did most of the talking as usual. It seems like I am always the one talking. I wish he would let me know what is going on in his world. I know he can't tell me details but can't he at least tell me what he is eatting for lunch, dinner..something other than me talking. Maybe I just need to shut up and not say anything LOL. This is prolly just a thing with deployments in general but I feel distant from him. It's weird. I know he loves me, he tells me but I feel like he knows what is going on in my life but I don't know anything about his. He did tell me that he is gonna go air assult as soon as they are offering the classes out there..hmm how do I feel about that??? I have no clue....Maybe I am just going crazy. I think all these "stressful feelings" lately have been playing a role. I just wish that we weren't in this sitation and our lives were back to they way it was in November.

Oh yeah almost forgot...dh got on IM today and guess what I MISSED HIM..go figure huh. I told him about the info that Dianna gave me on the puters with webcams and dh must think I don't know that I am talking about hahaha....I guess he really has no clue hahahha

DD and I tied a yellow ribbon w/a bow around our tree this weekend, it looks really good. We also wrote in our window "Come Home Daddy", it looks really cute!!!

Valentine's Day is passed and our anniversary is Saturday...what a way to spend it ALONE!!!

I called his boss back in Hawaii to talk to him about the BAH issue...well, the number that I have for him is a home phone I left a message for him, bright and early 8 am Hawaii time, so lets see if I get a call back.

My neice is now a week old..she is just a cutie!! I can't wait until she gets a little older so I can play with her. DD doesn't know what to think about her. She loves older kids, she can stare at them all day long if u let her. I don't think she knows how to feel about a baby..when Savannah cries she sounds like a little mouse and dd just grabs ahold of me really tight..its funny

Well now that I have just written a book I guess I will run and hope for a better tomorrow!!!