Friday, November 21, 2008

Ms. Kitty

Yes, we still have the mystery cat. My FIL, keeps asking when we are going to name her. S replies, "We don't know her name, we call her Kitty". Prior to Kitty showing up at the door step we had other plans for the kids and an animal but for now we have Kitty and apparently it happened this way for a reason.

Thankfully, she is a good cat. I was afraid she would tear up my new couches but we haven't had a problem. We did see a worm, YUCK!! so we got her some medicine and haven't seen any to get her fixed!! After E (a friend of animal lover that has a zoo, not literally lol) saw her...she thinks she is at least a yr or so old. S has her all scrunched up in this pic so she looks bigger I think...maybe she has just gained weight since we have taken her in and a pic adds 10 lbs right?

I have been saving money on food for her, a lovely $4 coupon in the Sunday paper on IAMS cat food..ended up paying $3 for the bag!! At least she is saving me some money.

For you cat owners what kind of litter to you use?? I picked up Fresh Step but it doesn't clump like the package says it does. We haven't had the smelling issue it just doesn't clump!


keri said...

What a cute cat - see everything happens for a reason and she's so lucky she found such a nice home!

Anonymous said...

She is such a cute cat. I use Fresh Step and it works wonders for me. I have used this stuff for years and it clumps just great for me. ALso I use Iams with all my animals and it is great food. Just make sure you dont switch foods on her to much since it can cause problems with her

This is Leslie by the way LOL

Amy,Chuck,SabrinaKitty said...

Shes a cute cat. We use fresh step and it works great for me. I also give my cat Iam cat food to because the vet in Germany reccommended it for her.