Thursday, October 30, 2008

Where do u live??

Rewind to Yesterday morning, 5am.

J gets up and gets ready for work. I usually sleep in til 6 then start getting the kids up and going. So J is walking out the door and jumps in the truck to leave for PT. Well, the truck wouldn't I get up to see if he needs help....he tried to jump it off and it was a no go!! So that means he has to take my car. Of course it would be the only day that I "had" to be somewhere bright and early in the am. So I come inside and start my normal morning. I get the kids up and feed them breakfast and then I hear this meowing noise that sounds like its coming from the garage. I thought maybe a cat got in the garage from when J was trying to get his truck started. I open the garage door, no cat..still hear meowing. Go open the front door and guess what I see a, kitten...mostly grey with a little white on it's chest and paws. No collar of course, I felt sorry for the thing because it was so cold outside. Immediately the kids start saying can we let him in. Time is passing and remember I have no car so that means S has to catch the bus. So she gets ready and we head down to the bus stop and the cat follows. S is saying funny things like, can I take her to school in my book bag? Do u think she will get on the bus with me? S gets on the bus and the cat follows me back home. I go about my morning, cancel my appointment then J comes home with a new battery for his truck. He puts it in and it works, woohoo!! The cat is still around walking in and out of the garage and H wants to love all over her.

Fast forward....5pm and the cat is still outside laying in my flower bed.

Hubby comes home and guess what....lets the cat in!!! The kids reply, so we can keep her!?!? J told them that we would take care of here until we can find where her home is and if no one came looking then we would talk about it. So the cat is in the house and is so friendly and its fur is short we inspect her and notice that her whiskers have been cut. We think she's about 6 months old and looks like she had been well taken care of. She has to belong to someone its just figuring out who. They must have kids that like to play with scissors.

Oh Kitty, I bet that kid who cut your whiskers misses u? Where is your momma? Where do u live?

I am sure this story will be continued, hopefully someone from our community watch group will know who the owner is!


Tara said...

Such great foster parents you are!! Did the kitty find it's owners?